De Europese vereniging voor de voedingsmiddelenindustrie (CIAA) heeft vorige week het rapport “Data & trends of the European Food and Drink Industry 2010” gepubliceerd. Bijgevoegd het hele Engelstalige rapport.

Some of the main figures on CIAA from the report:
- Number of companies: over 310,000
- Total revenue: €954 billion
- The EU’s single largest manufacturing sector in terms of turnover and employment in the EU, employing 4.2 million people
- Small and medium size enterprises (SME’s) represent 99.1% of food and drink companies and generate almost half of industryturnover (48.2%), while directly employing 62.8% of the sector’s workforce. Medium-sized companies (between 50 and 249 employees) represent only 3.6% of food and drink companies but are noted for their contribution to 27% of food and drink turnover and generating 25% of jobs in the sector.  
- The European food and drink industry exported products to the value of €53.7 billion in 2009, of which €20 billion were highly processed agricultural products.  In terms of trade to non-EU countries: (i) beverages, (ii) meat processing industries, (iii) dairy and (iv) various food products (including chocolate, biscuits, confectionery products, pasta, prepared meals, etc.) account for approximately 80% of EU food and drink exports.

Het gehele rapport treft u hier.